Call for Paper

Call for Paper

  • Paper Topics

  • We invite submissions of papers reflecting the latest research and application results in related fields concerning our major topics, including but not limited to:
  • Session No.

    Session Topics


    Session 1

    Resource Development and Utilization

    1.Green Mining and Solid Waste Resource Utilization

    2.Strata Control and Dynamic Disaster Prevention

    3.Low-carbon Development and Utilization of Coal

    4.Mine Geothermal and New Energy Development

    5.Intelligent Mine and Future Mining

    6.Unconventional Energy and Carbon Reduction Paths

    7.Mine Engineering Geology, Environment and Disaster

    8.Mine Safety Geophysics

    9.Mine Water Disaster Prevention and Recycling Utilization

    10.Integration and Application of Geoscience Big Data

    Session 2

    Safety Engineering and Occupational Health

    1.Intelligent Ventilation and Fire Protection

    2.Gas Control and Carbon Peak and Neutralization Technologies

    3.Intelligent Prevention-control and Early Warning of Mine Disasters

    4.Occupational Safety and Health

    5.Emergency Technology and Rescue

    6.Human Factors Engineering and Intelligent Interaction

    Session 3

    Deep Underground Engineering and Energy Utilization

    1.Fundamental Theories of Deep Underground Rock and Soil Mechanics

    2.Deep Underground Detection Equipment Development and Disaster Control

    3.Utilization of Deep Resources and Underground Space

    4.Fundamental Theories of Deep Non-coal Energy Development

    5.Intelligent Construction of Deep Underground Engineering

    6.Theory and Technology of Engineering Structure Disaster Prevention and Control

    Session 4

    Intelligent Equipment Technology

    1.Intelligent Mine Equipment Technology

    2.High-end Construction Machinery Equipment Technology

    3.Special Environment Robot Technology

    4.Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Technology

    5.Mining Internet of Things and Industrial Intelligence Technology

    6.Equipped with Intelligent Perception Technology

    7.Equipped with Safety Monitoring and Control Technology

    Session 5

    Intelligent Energy and Clean Power Technology

    1.Intelligent Power Generation and Control Technology

    2.Clean Fuel Conversion and Carbon Capture

    3.Efficient Thermal and Electrochemical Energy Storage

    4.Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells

    5.Multiphase Flow and Control Technology

    6.Renewable Energy Generation, Grid Connection and Control Technologies

    7.Application of Energy Storage Technology in the Energy System

    8.New Power System and Energy Internet

    9.Electricity-driven traffic and Energy Management Technologies

    10.Clean Energy Conversion and Mitigation Technologies

    11.Advanced Technologies of Power Electronics and Wireless Power Transmission

    Session 6

    Clean Processing, Conversion and Utilization of Energy Resources

    1.Fundamentals of Mineral Processing

    2.Dry Separation of Minerals

    3.Strengthening Technology for Mineral Processing and Metallurgy

    4.Mineral Processing Equipment and Intelligence

    5.Fundamentals of Coal Conversion

    6.Catalysis Science and Technology of Energy Chemical Engineering

    7.Advanced Materials and New Energy

    8.Comprehensive Utilization of Solid Waste Resources

    Session 7

    Mineral and Advanced Energy Materials

    1.Material Surface Strengthening and Wear and Corrosion Resistance

    2.Mineral-based Energy Conversion and Carbon Reduction Materials

    3.New Carbon Materials and Electrochemical Energy Storage

    4.Resource Materials and Recycling

    5.New Energy Materials and Devices

    6.Amorphous High Entropy Alloys and Intelligent Monitoring

    Session 8

    Resource & Energy Security and Emergency Management

    1.Energy Security and National Governance

    2.Ecological Security and Land Consolidation

    3.Food Security and Arable Land Protection

    4.Environmental Security and Dual Carbon Governance

    5.Economic Security and Global Governance

    6.Urban Security and Emergency Governance

    7.Network Government and Digital Governance

    8.Resilient Communities and Grass-roots Emergency

    9.Urban Transformation and Spatial Governance

    10.Heritage Protection and Management in Resource Areas

    Session 9

    Environmental Pollution Control and Ecological Restoration

    1.Mining Pollution Investigation, Monitoring and Assessment Technology

    2.Mine Pollution Source Prevention and Control Theory and Technology

    3.Abandoned Mine Pollution Causes and Treatment Technology

    4.Ecological Restoration Technology in Mining Area

    5.Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Technology

    6.New Materials, Methods and Technologies for Pollution Prevention and Control

    Session 10

    Green Energy Transformation and Sustainable Development

    1.Industrial Low-carbon Transformation and High-quality Development

    2.Efficient Use of Resources to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Increase Economic Efficiency

    3.Energy Structure Adjustment and Carbon Emission Reduction Regulation

    4.Innovation and Development of Technology and The Realization of Carbon Neutrality

    5.Dual Control of Carbon Emissions and Development of Green Finance

    6.Carbon Peak, Carbon Neutrality and Digital Economic Transformation

    7.Coal Mine Intelligence and Industrial Green Development

    8.Efficient Development of Inefficient Space and Low Carbon Transition

  • Abstracts and Paper Submission

All unpublished papers related to the above topics are welcomed. Abstracts should include objectives, methods, results and conclusions and should be approximately 250 words in English. Abstracts and full papers should be submitted in the form of Microsoft Word attachments through the conference website ( Detailed requirements for abstracts and papers are available on the conference website. The official working language for the conference is English.

Publication of Papers

  • (1) Abstracts accepted by the academic committee of the conference will be compiled into the conference abstract book (electronic), which will be distributed to all the delegates at the time of conference check-in;
  • (2) Excellent papers will be selected by the academic committee, and certificates will be issued;
  • (3) Excellent papers selected by the organizing committee can be recommended to four   journals: International Journal of Mining Science and Technology, Deep Underground Science and Engineering, Emergency Management Science and Technology, or Geohazard Mechanics. After being reviewed and accepted, the papers can be published in a regular or special issue. In previous conferences, several high-level papers closely related to the scope of the journal have been published in International Journal of Mining Science and Technology.
  • (4) Certificates will be issued for invited keynote speakers in both plenary sessions and parallel sessions;
  • (5) Best posters will be selected and certificates will be issued.


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